Who are we?

FHU I2.D2 Early Identification of Individual Trajectories in NeuroDevelopmental Disorders

The aim of I2-D2 is to define individual trajectories of the NDD patients to early identify, in each child, the key factors responsible for the abnormal brain development, to develop predictive biomarkers, and ultimately individualized therapies.

Excellence Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Île-de-France InovAND

The Excellence Center InovAND is designed to promote excellence in research and to foster the transfer of innovative discoveries to improve the understanding, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of people with neurodevelopmental disorders.

The Child Brain Institute

In 2019, the hospital hosted the creation of the FHU I2-D2 and the Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Excellence Center InovAND, bringing together more than 30 clinical and scientific teams in a network designed to promote excellence in research.

Our aim is therefore to promote excellence and synergy among researchers and clinicians, within a single location – the Child Brain Institute – to accelerate the pace of scientific discoveries and, ultimately, to improve the cognitive and emotional development of children.


Séminaire IDEE

Séminaire IDEE en ligne: “Quel impact de la violence entre pairs au collège ? Étude des effets d’un programme de médiation sociale en milieu scolaire.”  Nina Guyon, maîtresse de…