Partner teams FHU I2-D2

Partner teams FHU I2-D2

Research conducted in the DHU PROTECT allowed us to further understand the NDD phenotypes revealing a high variability even within a given disease.

The study of individual trajectories requires a larger structure to decipher the underlying factors of these phenotypic varieties.

Teams involved in I2-D2 have a well-recognized and complementary expertise in care, research and teaching. PROTECT allowed to better structure different clinical and research entities that were mostly based at the Robert Debré Hospital. I2-D2 aims at encompassing a much larger territory in terms of patient recruitment and clinical expertise, with the inclusions of additional departments (Jean Verdier, Trousseau & La Roche Guyon Hospitals), making I2-D2 the largest network for NDDs in France.

In addition, I2-D2 will include additional key research teams in the field of imaging, neurosensory development, and biomarkers. This will give us the unique opportunity to deeply connect clinical and translational research on NDDs in the Ile de- France area.




INSERM UMR 1141 (Teams 1, 2, 3 and 5)

Pr. Pierre Gressens, Robert-Debré Hospital & CEA


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Pr. Richard Delorme, Robert-Debré Hospital


Paediatric Neurology

Pr. Stéphane Auvin, Robert-Debré Hospital


Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Pr. Olivier Sibony, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Valérie Biran, Robert-Debré Hospital


Medical Genetics, Genetics, Cytogenetics & Foetopathology

Pr. Alain Verloes, Robert-Debré Hospital


Endocrinology (hormones & brain)

Pr. Jean-Claude Carel, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Luigi Titomanlio, Robert-Debré Hospital


Pediatric Intensive Care

Pr. Stéphane Dauger, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Thierry Van Den Abbeele,  Pr. Natasha Teissier, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Emmanuel Bui Quoc, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Brice Ilharreborde, Robert-Debré Hospital


Anaesthesiology & Resuscitation

Pr. Souhayl Dahmani, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Marianne Alison, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Christophe Delclaux, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Nicolas De Roux, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Sophie Magréault, Pr. Evelyne Jacqz-Aigrain, Robert-Debré Hospital



Pr. Olivier Bourdon, Robert-Debré Hospital


Clinical Epidemiology

Pr. Corinne Alberti, Robert-Debré Hospital


CIC 1426

Pr. Florentia Kaguelidou, Robert-Debré Hospital


Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Pr. Jean-Louis Benifla, Robert-Debré University Hospital


Paediatric Neurology

Pr. Thiery Billette de Villemeur, Trousseau & La Roche Guyon Hospitals



Pr. Eric Lachassinne, Jean Verdier Hospital


Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Pr. Lionel Carbillon, Jean Verdier Hospital


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Pr. Thierry Baubet, Avicenne & Jean Verdier Hospitals


Histology, Embryology & Cytogenetics

Pr. Brigitte Benzacken, Jean Verdier Hospital



Pr. Nicolas Sellier, Jean Verdier Hospital


UNIDEP (UNIDEP for ASDs and related disorders)

Dr. Mathilde Heulin,  Pr. Loic de Pontual, Dr. Noël Pommepuy, EPS Ville-Evrard & Jean Verdier Hospital


Human genetics ans neurobiology

Pr. Thomas Bourgeron, URA 2182, Pasteur Institute


Decision and Bayesian Computation

Dr Jean-Baptiste Masson, CNRS UMR 3571, Institut Pasteur


Gènes, synapses et cognition

Pr. Pierre-Marie Lledo, UMR 3571, Pasteur Institute


Human epigenetics

Pr. Valérie Mezger, CNRS U7216, Development & Environment Interface Team, Université Paris Cité


Physics for medicine

Pr. Mickael Tanter, ESPCI, U1273, Institut de la vision


Laboratoire de Systèmes Perceptifs

Pr. Christian Lorenzi, UMR 8248, ENS Ulm


Adult Psychiatry

Pr. Bruno Etain, UMR 1144, School of Pharmacy

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