Séminaires scientifiques Robert Debré

Séminaires scientifiques Robert Debré

Jeudi 20 Mai 2021, 11h00

Visio conférence:

https://uparis.zoom.us/j/84130840167?pwd=VnluN3JYUE5UNGw4 WDU3Z0RQck9EUT09


Laboratory, Université de Paris, CNRS-UMR 7086, PARIS Biofunctionalization of nanoparticles: an approach for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases

Multifunctional nanomaterials are finding applications in nanomedicine [1]. In particular, magnetic and carbon nanomaterials are extensively used in theranostics, especially for imaging and treatment by thermal therapy. Firstly, bioimaging and photothermia (PT) were performed on E. coli, a Gram(-) bacterium, incubated with Carbon Dots (CDs) [2]. Remarkably, by PT, CDs are able to eradicate bacteria in their exponential and stationary phases. Surviving bacteria after mild photothermal treatment was observed by 3D super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. Secondly, In order to optimize the therapeutic efficacy and to enhance the targeting [3] abilities in a cell cancer line, iron oxide nanoparticles were functionalized by different proteins: TRAIL [4], transferrin [5] and HSA [6]. The efficiencies under magnetic hyperthermia and PT conditions were compared. An original mechanism was established that implies hotspot generation around the nanoparticles and, therefore, at the cell surface in the vicinity of the targeted receptors, leading to disruption of the membrane and subsequent cell death [7].

Host : Mireille LAFORGE